Welcome to The Sydney Backgammon Club.

(Closed until further notice due to COVID-19)

NB. If this is your first visit to the club please call me on +61 415987388 or email td@sydneybackgammonclub.org.au to alert me as I need to let the publican know how many to expect.

We meet every Tuesday at 6:00pm for a  6:30pm start sharp at the Hero of Waterloo Hotel, 81 Lower Fort St., Millers Point NSW 2000. (The hotel can guarantee our use of the backroom on a Tuesday and food is available).

The format (KO, Swiss or Round Robin) will depend on the number of players. Registration will be $3 for the evening and $5 entry to the tournament.

We are usually finished by 10pm.

Beginners welcome.

(Clocks; a TD’s option if play falls behind the necessarily strict time schedule to be finished by 11pm. Nothing to be scared of)