Why Video A Match?

This is a question I’ve been asked numerous times. Basically it helps me analyse my play and perhaps give insights where there’s a weakness.

I recently played a series of 21 money games. At the conclusion I pocketed a small donation.

But that’s not the end of the matter as I’d videoed the complete match. After transcribing it into eXtreme Gammon it turned out that I’d made 18 blunders with my checkers and 3 double (take) blunders.

I’ve set the checker blunders out below in all their glory. There’s definitely a thread. I have to take more care on playing doubles.

See how you go.


I thought 13/9 would give me some attacking options. XG disagrees! On analysis I quite like 24/16 which I admit I didn’t see over the board.


Not a terrible mistake.


This one was!


I have a dislike for making the 1 point early in a game.


On analysis 13/9 is the much better option. 13 shots as opposed to 16 with 3/1 putting 2 checkers on the bar!


I certainly gave XG’s suggestion a lot of thought but…


I wasn’t that brave!


Not here either.


With two blots you don’t run, XG?


A mental toss up. I lost, XG won.


On reflection I agree 13/7 was the better play.


Hmm! Another double error. I’m not sure I’d play it differently on another occasion 🙁




3/4 correct 🙁


On reflection white’s Jokers play well in both cases so Bar/18 gives black a better chance of escaping next roll if it survives.


More builders. I didn’t see it.


Kicking myself. I would usually see this.


I thought splitting the back men might have given me a better chance of hitting if given the chance. But it’s so slim XG’s idea is superior.

If you’ve made it to the end, you might be wondering what PR I managed with these blunders? 5.85 is the answer.

A recent quote from Masayuki Mochizuki, the World’s No 1 player, I think sums it up though: “You don’t need to be lucky to play good PR but to win you do!”

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