Sydney Backgammon Club resumption

My apologies, it has taken a little longer than anticipated but I’ve at last been given the green light by my Dr.
I propose to start a weekly meeting on Tuesday 14th November 2017 at the Hero of Waterloo Hotel, 81 Lower Fort St., Millers Point NSW 2000. (The hotel can guarantee our use of the backroom on a Tuesday and food is available).
The format will be a straight 8 player KO with byes, if necessary. Entry will be $3 for the evening and pools of $5, $10 and $20 for the tournament depending on the depth of your pocket.
The first 8 player (on a first in best dressed basis!) KO will start at 6:30pm sharp, 9 points per round. Clocks; a TD’s option if play falls behind the necessarily strict time schedule to be finished by 11pm. (I will run multiple KOs depending on demand and time.)
This format will run through till the EoY by which time I’ll hope to have a feel for your thoughts on it.
January 2018 will be the start of the club’s annual table plus the resumption of the quarterly league.
Please let me know, RSVP, if you’re intending to come on the 14th November. (As always, please bring your boards) It’ll help me prepare as well as assisting the pub to cater for us.
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