Experiment at The Hero of Waterloo Hotel

Last night had mixed results. The pub is lovely and the room allocated very quiet (background music which we may be able to persuade the publican to lower after becoming better acquainted ) and while the lighting on first entering seems dim is ok once your eyes get accustomed to it. We were the only people there.

The food was by all accounts tasty, good and reasonably priced. Beer on tap was all Squire from my observations.

The main bugbear is parking. Not that there isn’t any, there’s heaps; it’s all metered/resident permit. I gather the best anyone could find was an 8pm finish at $3.70 per hour. A map of the parking zones can be found here¬†and meters here. NB. The word ‘FREE’ is subjective!

I ran a 5 point round robin with the 5 players attending. We finished at 10:45pm.

The dice gods were looking down favourably on yours truly. Alex kindly left his last checker on the 2 point which I hit, closed out my board and watched him throw a series of ones, twos and threes while I threw a couple of doubles to achieve a very unlikely win.

Martin could rightly claim I had the dice on a string as well.

Joseph was the runner up.

Facebook has returned the ownership of the SBC’s group page to me but sans history and membership, I’m afraid. Please re-apply here and I’ll reinstate you.

I’m hoping to make a decision on time and place for the SBC’s meetings over the next few weeks. I’ll notify everyone before the next meeting.

Roll well,


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