Hello Sydney Backgammon Players

Having experienced a rather distressing and traumatic parting of the ways with the ABF board, it has taken awhile for me to regroup and assess my future involvement in the Australian Backgammon scene.

My love of the game is undiminished and as I’ve experienced so many messages of encouragement and support, I’ve decided to resurrect The Sydney Backgammon Club.

The venue is yet to be decided but the format will change. I’ve had experience of running round robins and Swiss format club nights; neither are perfect. The new format probably won’t be either but I have hopes it’ll meet most players expectations and time constraints.

My health has encountered a slight hiccup which I hope will be sorted quite soon. Once that’s out of the way (2 or 3 weeks at the most) I’ll be in touch.

Roll well,


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4 Responses to Hello Sydney Backgammon Players

  1. Stephen Abi-Hanna says:

    Suggestion (1)
    Plakato / Blockgammon / Mahboosie Competion

    Hi John,
    Some time back we talked about adding the game PLAKATO (in Greek) / BLOCKGAMMON (in English) / MAHBOOSEE (in Arabic) to a parallel competition to the existing backgammon competition. (As played on a wooden table with small dice and first to 5 games per set.)
    I know you were open to this idea replying: “There is one slight proviso though. Somehow your players should be encouraged to learn how to play with the cube and assimilate with the rest of the club. Even if it’s only on a token basis.”
    So I propose that all players in the Blockgammon division be required to play Backgammon say every fourth Wednesday according to the rules of the club and that those results are tallied also in the Blockgammon “league”.
    Kind regards,

    • john says:

      I certainly recall saying that, Stephen. It was said against the backdrop of starting a monthly meeting where both ‘styles’ could be easily accommodated with the time available. Playing both at a weekly evening meeting within a four hour window might prove difficult. Let’s discuss it over a beer. Your shout! 🙂

  2. Stephen Abi-Hanna says:

    Hi John,
    Congratulations on the rejuvenated setup. It really looks quite neat and professional.
    It is obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into it and we thank you for that.
    It has been a pleasure meeting and playing so many people over the years – at home, at the Persian Rose and Woolloomoolloo. I have enjoyed the friendship and company of all.
    I look forward to more playing and socialising and wish you every future success in this regard.

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